A friend of mine named Steve gave me this bike. A Suzuki PE175. It was a two stroke dirt bike. Steve got the bike from a friend of his who had bought it new. Steve had used it for a few years showing his sons how to ride and then it broke down. It was out of action for a few years when he gave it to me.

I got it going for the benefit of my son. Luke used it to get around with a few friends on empty paddocks and the like. We also took it out to a farm in Central NSW and a few family members learned to ride on it like my niece Yasmin and my other son Jon. It was not too big but it was beefy enough with the 2 stroke power band.

The bike eventually needed a real makeover. A couple of my friends with an interest in bikes, Pete and Shannon, got together for the job. It was a good bonding experience for them—one is a mechanic and the other an electrician. The photo up on the right is them with the bike, real happy.

It proved again to be a real gem of a bike. I rode it for a while but then it broke down and being a two stroke and blowing a lot of smoke it was frowned upon…
I decided to give it to a friend who was a specialist motorbike mechanic. He had a few kids and was a recent arrival as a refugee from Africa.

When I enquired how the bike was a year or so later, he said, “Oh good. After a bit of work, I sent it to my son in Sierra Leone (West Africa) in a container… My eldest son was so grateful. He made up a trailer and uses it to make a living now, carting things around the city.”

What a bike! What a history! It made a lot of people happy. And still does…

The shared history of this bike is the real thing.

So many people I know had so much fun with this bike.

And now, for it to be living a whole new life of active service in Africa, is beyond belief.

Cooperation and sharing property is part of human life. This bike seems to have made people I know considerate and caring for one another.

We can use our property for selfish satisfaction or we can use it as a means to participate in each other’s lives constructively.

Paul Mowen

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