tim-mackie-1bWhen I was I kid, I had a Scalextric set. My favourite car was a Lotus JPS Formula One. My next slot-car happened to be a Lotus-Ford Escort. I never thought much about the influence these cars would have in my life until some fifteen years later… when I bought a yellow Lotus Ford Escort

The beginning of a long (and still running) love affair with the Lotus marque. I’ve owned more than a handful of Loti over the years, and still enjoy racing my current Lotus Elise around the race tracks.

tim-mackie-3I have raced cars for many years. Each time I hit the track, my aim is to do the perfect lap. I know, in my heart of hearts, that I will never make that prefect lap. But I still keep trying!!!

My life is a lot like that. I try my best, but I know I can never be the perfect man. There has only ever been ONE perfect man – Jesus


tim-mackie-4Jesus, the Son of God, came to Earth and lived a perfect life. He humbled himself, and suffered death on the cross, so that WE can receive grace and mercy. We can become brothers in Christ, and though still far from perfect, we strive to live lives that bring glory to God. We are saved by Jesus blood, and though we still sin and fall well short of perfection, Jesus has done all that is needed for our redemption.

About Tim Mackie

I was pretty much born with petrol in my veins. From my early days, watching my Dad race his Sports Sedan, to my own times of building and restoring race/sports cars, and competing in my Lotus. I also love watching all forms of motorsport. I enjoy spending precious family time, especially waterskiing, with my wife and three kids. My weekdays are spent running a small sheet metal manufacturing business in Mittagong.
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